19 March 2011

she is my inspiration o_o

urm , firstly i wanna say that i love and miss her so so much !
she always be besides me when i need someone to sneak my problems . 
although i cry and still cry , she never let me down .
she know how to convince me when i feel sadly and madly and badly .
every week , aku msty tepon dy . tak ckop smggu skali , sometimes uh smpai 2,3 kali gak lar .
pape pon , i must , msty kne tepon dy . kalau smggu tak tepon , msty rndu yg amat !
aku tak tahu knape . 
time kasih byk2 pade someone yg dah kenalkan aku kat dy .
 maybe she think that I like her own daughter . tapy uh anggapan aku je la .
huhu ,
aku gaku , i'm so happy and really2 have fun when i talk to her . 
she always make me smile and laugh . 
in my whole life , aku tak pernh ade someone yang older than me utk citer something . 
she already 40 something . aku tak bape gat sgt r . hehe
tapi , bile aku mule2 knl dy aku dah rase selesa dengan lyann dy tat aku . 
aku teringat when i really tergolek mase dulu uh , dy lar org prtame yang aku jadi tmpat mgadu aku .
aku tak pikir pnjg , trus je tepon dy .
walaupun dy tahu sebb pe aku tergolek ri tu .
then , she still bagi lyann baik and tak jemu bagi nasihat .
aku bebyk2 time kasih tat dy bb selame ny bile aku jatuh , dy lar yang slalu bagi semangat . 
dy salu jengok aku tat hostel dulu wlaupn snanye dy nk jenguk anak dy pdhal .
tapy aku pe lagi , join ar selutut nak lpskn wndu . hehe
tapy . masok riny , ku dah tak jmpe dy lagy . dah nak msok 4 month .
i never see her  again but it enough for me for now just can hear her voice .
tak pela , walau pe pon , i hope she always happy and keep healthy . may Allah bless her .
i wanna her to know , that i'm realy2 miss and love you makcik ! 

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