07 May 2011

ask for forgivenessss

It’s fun huh? Makes my heart broke again? Makes my head search the suck words? U talk about the things I’ve done to you. U told me about the day we felt and pain. Can u stop the words? Would u stop from telling me the past? I hate all of the things and the day I went way. I thought u were my last hope I have . But u same like the others  . Have u forgot about what u telling me before? U’re never mad at me and hiding anything from me dear. U said that just let it go against  time and do not remember the last mistake I do. U also told me , the past never happens again bcoz u forgive me. I ask u’re forgiveness and u said yes.  On that time , I can see the truth is hiding in your eyes but it’s still keep in there bcoz  it’s hanging in you trout . Just tell me and honestly darl if you’re a man at all. What do you think I am?  What for u hide the secret from me? Yes, I know at all . I know it’s my fault , my mistake. Now , I wanna ask u again , can we forget about the  nightmare I created, the scars that I’ve made?  Please forgive me. 
And don’t ever hurt me with those word u spoke out. I hate that much more. It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay ,  from wishing u will be with me one day. I can’t disguise from myself and people that I love u same as I love my brothers and sister. u make my thought was wrong. exactly wrong. thought that u are the best and the one who can understand myself but we are same.
U and me likes to  hiding secrets form being a honestly person . for me, I’m not a kind of that person when I’m with u. I told u all my secrets but not at all. I trust u. We know each other since primary school rite? So , that’s no matter if u can trust me for telling me your secret. I didn’t hope so much bcoz u already told me half of it but don’t hide the secret about me . just telling the truth.
argh ,come on guy , do not mumbling . hate that . say it loud and clearly . I can’t hear you. OMG! I’m tired typing this entry. So dear , ones again ,,, I’m sorry for hurting you before and lied to you . I was wrong bcoz do not  think and cared bout your heart. I promised I’ll never lied to you hunn , never ! and I just wanna shout that I will stop from waiting for you like before. It’s not coz I love u or u love me. It’s seem like I’m give up, from trusted you . argh ! now I said the weird things . ok3 daa….

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